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The Tree 

For those sources that require a smoother, more round and warm tone we have the Roots Audio Tree Console.  The Tree is an 8 channel all tube recording and mixing console.  Each channel is equipped with tube driven EQ and compression.  The console is incredible on acoustic guitars, vocals, electric guitars and drums.  This console imparts vintage vibe over all source material.

Rupert Neve 5059

The 5059 is a 16 channel summing mixer which adds Neve sheen and color across all tracks run through it.  This mixer adds significant mojo and vibe when its harmonic distortion signal processing is added.  We often run tracks through the 5059 and bring them back through the API console on a buss return.  Neve and API, match made in sonic heavy-n.




The API 1608 

Our studio is built around the API 1608 16 channel analog console.  The 1608 is equipped with 16 API mic pre-amps that shine on drums, guitars and punchy instrument sources.  The API imparts color on the source material and allows for creative routing to effects, dynamics, and eq.

Our 1608 is loaded with500 series EQ modules including

  • 2 API 560

  • 4 API 550B

  • 4 Neve 551

  • 2 Harrison 32Q

  • 2 Helios type 69 Mic/EQ

Mixing Consoles

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